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  Environment, Health and Safety Integrated Policy

Colmec SpA has certified an Environment, Health and Safety Integrated Management System according to UNI EN ISO 14001 and BSOHSAS 18001 rules.

 Colmec SpA commits to:

  ensuring the adherence of the applicable laws and rules and all related commitments and to periodically check their prompt application.

 pursuing continuous improvement of environmental, health and safety concerns as related to production processes.

 promoting a suitable awareness, knowledge and training with respect to environmental and health concerns and also of its own safety and that of all employees.

 defining and assigning suitable responsibilities related to environmental and safety issues.

 providing the availability of human and instrumental resources necessary to carry out the system efficiently.

 preventing pollution.

 considering health and safety at work as an essential part of the company’s management.

 assuring systems are in place to handle emergencies in the most efficient way for the protection of staff and of the environment.

 outlining and defining aims and targets for environmental and safety concerns.

 involving all levels of the organization in order to carry out improvement plans.

 promoting the involvement and consultation of employees and also through their safety delegates.

 promoting the importance of the observance of the laws and of the environmental and safety rules for all people that have access to the Company’s site.

 distribute the current policy to its own employees and to all people that work for the Company.

 ensuring the comprehension of the policy and its periodic re-examination, within the review meeting organized by the EHS Manager in order to guarantee its suitability.

 ensuring that an effective internal checking system is in place to remove and if possible, prevent non conformity.

 All of the items above consider “risk based thinking”.


SQS 14001 Certificate                                                IQNet Certificate SQS 18001 Certificate