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Special Systems

Design and development of innovative technological systems

Cylinder coating


Maximum cylinder weight of up to 10,000 kg
Productivity from 100 to 600 kg
Cylinder diameter up to 2000 mm
Cylinder length up to 10,000 mm

colmec Cylinder coating<br />

Screw Preformers

A new tech machine that revolutionizes the concept of preformed production. With this new machine it is possible to produce preforms continuously without stopping. The technique is to extrude a profile by cutting it at the exit of the head of the preformer continuously and/or discontinuous at regular intervals. All parameters of the process, such as speed, temperatures, pressure and weight are recorded and maintained constant over time.

colmec Screw Preformers<br />

Rubber CORD lines


Continuous production
Homogenous coating thickness
High production speeds
Continuous control of the process parameters

colmec Rubber CORD lines

Rubber SHEET lines


Constant production flow
Constant thickness of the extruded sheet
Homogeneity of the extruded sheet
Continuous control of process parameters

colmec Rubber SHEET lines

Thermoplastic mandrel lines

Complete lines for the production of flexible polypropylene or PA mandrels. The line consists of a single screw thermoplastic extruder, cooling unit, laser control system (for tube diameter control), puller, unwinders and winders.
colmec Thermoplastic mandrel lines

Lab lines

The Colmec laboratory lines are designed and manufactured for research, development and testing of rubber and silicone compounds. They retain all the qualitative, construction, functional and operational characteristics of the production units, to reproduce their behavior and performance on a reduced scale.
colmec Lab lines lines