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Silicone Mixing

From mixing to packaging

Colmec is a leader in the field of silicone processing systems with state-of-the-art solutions to set up an entire production line from mixing to packaging.
The wide range of products includes innovative systems for mixing and straining. Fully automated and complete extrusion lines for the production of profiles, hose, dense and sponge sheets and cable coating for various industrial sectors.



For the mixing of low viscosity polymers such as silicone compounds, Colmec has developed and patented a new technological system called the CTM™. The CTM™ works in a continuous fashion, ensuring perfect dispersion and homogeneity of the ingredients, in a completely automated way.

colmec Silicone mescolazione
Colmec Extruders and Gear-pumps

Extruders and Gear-pumps

Our range of silicone extrusors is the result of constant research and experience gained in our over 45 years of activity in the sector.

Colmec can provide a wide range of single screw extruders for silicone in horizontal TGS or vertical TVS configurations with diameters from 30 to 250 mm. It is also possible to couple gear pumps to the extruder to increase and improve performance.

Complementary accessories

Each Colmec line is modular and customizable in every detail with Colmec complementary accessories. Each component is designed and manufactured internally according to the best technologies to ensure constant performance.

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